Group Leaders

As a group leader, you have the ability to track and review your client’s progress, time spent on each lesson, quiz results and customer satisfaction survey results.

  • In the “Filter By” section below, click the drop down menu in the “All Users” field
  • Select the user you would like to review
  • If the user is enrolled in more than one course you may choose to also filter by Course, to do this click the drop down arrow in the “All Courses” field and select which course you’d like to review
  • Click the “Filter” button
  • You will now see a progress report for each course the user is enrolled in (if you filtered by a particular course you will only see results for that course)
  • Below the progress area, you will see the user’s activity – this is where you can review the time spent on each lesson, quiz results and find the customer satisfaction survey results
  • To get the Customer Satisfaction survey results look for “Quiz Completed: Customer Satisfaction Survey Course Name”, 3 rows down from this you’ll see Points: this is the rating
  • Forward the email you received notifying you that the client completed the course and type the Customer Satisfaction Survey rating in the body of the email. Send to Karen for stats
  • Don’t forget to include the workshop on the client action plan.