The Job Seeker’s Pep Talk


  • Job seekers will gain a new understanding of the scale and scope of their job search and come to the realization that they are only “one piece of the puzzle.” This will help them to not take the process too personally, or get too discouraged.
  • Participants will gain insight as to thought patterns and issues related to mindset that they can then choose to begin to change with more helpful/adaptive concepts/thoughts, or at the very least incorporate some balance into their self-talk.

The purpose of this course is to distil some of the “conventional wisdom” gained from the perspective of both a professional in the employment field working with clients on a regular basis and someone who has had to shift to a more productive mindset about the process of job searching. These are some helpful ideas and ways of looking at the different aspects of the job hunt.

The hope is that you find the points helpful and gain some perspective and insight, and to know you are not alone!

But remember: these are just ideas. Think of them as “counter-points” to some of the thoughts you may have experienced, or “alternate evidence.” Just reading them once won’t change your thinking permanently. You need to remember and incorporate them into your self-talk.